Women holding freediving fins and camera


diver sitting in sand with shark tooth design freediving fins

Shark Tooth Freediving Blades

Carbon Fiber 

Custom Shark Tooth Design

Soft Stiffness

Compatible with a variety of foot pockets

**Preorder dates will be announced
online & on instagram**


I always wanted a fun pair of freediving blades but as a shark diver I do my best to avoid bright and neon colors as they can attract unwanted attention from the sharks. Diving with sharks daily in Hawaii means I need fins that are durable and good quality. I worked closely with Penetrator fins to design a fun pair of blades specifically designed by a shark diver for shark divers (and shark lovers). 

A portion of each sale will be donated to the Thresher Shark Project in Indonesia to help them with their goal to outlaw shark fisheries in Alor and provide fishermen with an alternative sustainable income source. Thank you for your support of the Thresher Shark Project!

shark diver with freediving fins
shark tooth design freediving fins
shark tooth fins up close
freediver standing on bottom of ocean holding freediving fins