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Marine Bio Movie Club Podcast

Welcome to the Marine Bio Movie Club where we chat all things ocean-related in movies, films, and documentaries!

Each week your host, marine biologist, ocean guide, and underwater photographer Taylor Cunningham @taylork.sea, will chat with other marine biologists and ocean enthusiasts and discuss the marine life, research, conservation, and science involved in your favorite movies. Join the club and get super nerdy about the ocean with us!

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During the pandemic was the start of the Marine Bio Movie Club as a mini series on my Youtube channel. While the structure of the show has changed a bit, we love to look back at old episodes and reminisce on some of our favorite movies and documentaries! Join Kendra and I for these older episodes where we discuss the science, research, and conservation behind your favorite ocean-related films.

finding nemo movie review

Finding Nemo

Let us ruin a little bit of your childhood as we pick apart the scientific accuracies and inaccuracies of Finding Nemo from the perspective of marine biologists.

blackfish documentary review
47 meters down movie review


This documentary rocked the world when it first came out, starting a whole new wave of anti-captivity activism. Kendra and I chat our long histories with SeaWorld, thoughts on captivity in general, what is and isn't true in the film, and Tilikum's journey as a captive killer whale.

47M Down

There's nothing like a bad shark movie! Here we chat all things laughable, inaccurate, and downright insane about this scuba diving nightmare that happens to feature sharks.

seaspiracy documentary review
mermaids body found review
the cove documentary review
happy feet movie review
jaws movie review


This film sparked a lot of controversy within the marine science and conservation world. We chat our initial thoughts when we first watched the film and then go back after doing our own research about the accuracies and inaccuracies in the film.

Mermaids: The Body Found

This mockumentary, created by animal planet, was a fun and funny movie that covered the "discovery" of mermaids. We chat about evolution, mass stranding, natural selection and more.

The Cove

In this action packed documentary where filmmakers create a sort of Oceans 11 style team of divers, filmers, activists, and more to capture the Taiji dolphin slaughters. We discuss the films approach to discussing the topic and Japans role in it. We also chat touching wildlife and releasing dolphins into the wild.

Happy Feet

Happy Feet may not be the most science heavy film but we were still able to discuss things like ambassadors for species, captivity and intelligence, overfishing, plastic pollution, and more.


The movie that changed people's idea of sharks forever and launched the profitable "scary shark" entertainment. An iconic film that changed the world of sharks. We discussed things like fear of sharks, shark diet and lifestyle, shark fishing methods, and more.

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