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female underwater photographer and videographer in ocean


Taylor Cunningham Photography Prints

My passion for photography grew out of my passion for spending time in nature with wildlife. Even though I spend the most of my time shooting in Hawaii I have been lucky to explore all over the world. I hope to not only create art with my photos but also capture the beauty of the ocean so that others may feel inspired to protect it. Bring a little piece of the ocean into your home with a custom photography print.


Any of my photos are available as prints. If you don't see your favorite image below contact me about getting a custom print made!

Sizing & Pricing


5"x7" w/matte.     $20

8"x10" w/matte.   $35

11"x14" w/matte.  $50

**shipping costs will vary depending on size**


8"x10".        $60

11"x14".      $95

12"x18".    $175

24"x36".    $250


**shipping costs will vary depending on size**


8"x10".        $45

11"x14".      $75

12"x18".    $110

24"x36".    $200

**shipping costs will vary depending on size**

green sea turtle in tropical ocean


photo print of pod of spotted dolphins hanging on wall

The Pod

rough tooth dolphin and humpback whale in moorea


oceanic blacktip shark in blue ocean


photo of two bottlenose dolphins hanging on wall

Peas in a Pod

photo print of tiger shark hanging on wall


baby humpback whale swims up


photo print of close up of tiger shark


photo print of pink whiptail ray sitting on sandy bottom


pilot fish swimming in front of tiger shark in hawaii

Follow The Leader

pilot fish in front of galapagos shark dorsal fin


tiger shark reflection on surface of water


solo bull shark swimming over sand in the bahamas


giant humpback whale in moorea

Gentle Giant

crown jellyfish and small fish on surface


two blacktip reef sharks swimming in shallow lagoon in moorea

Double Trouble

bottlenose dolphins in open ocean in kona

Playful Souls

juvenile beaked whale in open ocean

Creature of The Deep

baby humpback whale dives down


fish in shallow caribbean water


galapagos shark with leaf infront of eye


colorful coral reef in french polynesia

Colors of The Reef

photo of tiger shark with hook in mouth


green sea turtle swimming over coral reef in us virgin islands

Reef Cruiser

crown jellyfish in blue ocean


photo print of spotted dolphin

Eye Contact

day octopus on coral reef in hawaii

Alien on The Reef

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