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Finding A Dive Community

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

One of the best parts about diving is that you can’t do it alone! While that can make it more difficult to just drop everything and get in the water, the ocean can be that much more exciting when you have someone to geek out with. I want to help you find and expand your dive community so you can start having even more fun while diving!


Since I work with divers I have been really blessed to have a sort of built in dive community within my job. However, I have tried to also make a point of reaching out to other people in my area and getting to know more people within Oahu’s dive community.

The more the merrier right?

I’ll be the first to admit that in most social settings I can be pretty awkward. I’m not necessarily a shy person once I get comfortable with someone but it takes me a second to come out of my shell. No pun intended. So much of my life and what I like to talk about centers around diving and the ocean. For that reason I have found that I am way more comfortable meeting other divers vs. non-divers.

My favorite way to expand my personal dive community, or the people that I feel like I can call or text when I need a dive buddy, is by meeting friends of friends. That sort of interaction always seems more natural and fun than trying to meet up with a complete stranger or reaching out to a large group.

But maybe you are new to diving and don’t already have existing buddies….. Or you just moved to a new location and don’t know anyone yet…. Here are some things that I have found will help you to meet potential dive buddies or grow your existing dive community.

Social media is your best friend!

It is easier now more than ever to find people with similar interests and passions as you. One great way to meet other divers is through Facebook. There is pretty much a FB group for anything. Search something like “Freedive your location” or “freediving/scuba group” and I guarantee tons of results will pop up! If you aren’t looking to dive you can always find groups for ocean conservation and almost any subject of interest as well.

Take a course or go to an event!

If meeting up with only a few people makes you kind of nervous, you might find you are more comfortable in a larger group where everyone is doing their own thing or working towards a common objective. One of the ways I have made a ton of friends also interested in conservation is through attending beach cleanups. It can work the same way with diving! If you are just starting out, taking a freedive or scuba course is a great place to meet buddies that are around the same level of comfort as you. Often times companies will also do specialty dives like Ladies Dive Days or Reef Cleanup Dives. These events can be great opportunity to meet other individuals with similar interests as you.

The ocean is an incredible place! To enjoy it safely please always dive with a buddy. While buddies are great for safety it is also super fun to have someone to share in the excitement of what you see in the water. I hope that this maybe helped you get some ideas on how to grow your personal dive community. I know I am always looking to meet more cool people that love the ocean.

photo credit: @maddiejooste @mads_and_rads

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