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Freediving blades only. Foot pockets are not included in this purchase. Blades are compatible with the following foot pockets without modification:

- Mares razor

- Omer stingray

- Omer eagle ray

- Salvimar STEP

- Beuchat mundial

- Hammerhead kaudal

- TPR generic pockets

- Cetma S-wing pockets

**if you have another footpocket please contact The manufacturer can be contacted on your behalf to provide instructions/templates on trimming the blades to properly insert them into the pocket.

Shark Tooth Freediving Blades (Fiberglass)

  • The same epic design, but a whole new pair of fins. I love my carbon fiber blades but was looking for something I could wear on the boat and the reef that was a little bit more durable. I love that the shark tooth design almost appears to be floating in the water on Penetrators grey ghost blades.

    - Translucent Fiberglass Blades

    - Custom Shark Tooth Design

    - Soft Stiffness

    - Compatible with a variety of foot pockets

    The new design still supports sharks! A portion of each sale will be donated to the Thresher Shark Project in Indonesia.

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