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pilot fish swimming in front of tiger shark in hawaii


Photographing and Diving With Sharks in Hawaii

There is something incredibly special about spending time in the water with apex predators. I've now spent years diving in Florida, Hawaii, Bahamas, and more incredible international locations diving with sharks. All my time spent as a shark diver has helped me to understand their behavior and safely and respectively photograph them in their natural environment. Sharks are one of my favorite subjects to shoot. This gallery is a collection of shark moments that have made me giddy as I witnessed them. I hope they help to depict sharks as the capable predators they are and not the monsters they are often portrayed as.

closeup of tiger shark face

Nothing makes me more excited than seeing my photos hanging up in someone's home. It is such an honor to see you like a photograph of mine as much as I do! All of my photographs are available as prints.

galapagos shark swimming vertical at surface
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